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《空間特工-CiaZhan 客製化首選品牌》


✦Who Are We?
We are CiaZhan, the Space Agents with the meaning "Nice" in Taiwanese, hoping to become a world-famous furniture brand, and be able to hear the Taiwan style “CiaZhan” from foreigners one day.

✦Our Concept
To make an infinite life in a limited space.

✦Our Story
Our founder loves Taiwan a lot, he loves the goodness, freedom and passion of Taiwan. "Create a Taiwanese brand that is comparable to IKEA all around the world which could last for more than 100 years" With the encouragement to do our best for Taiwan, even under the pressure and disagreement from everyone, we started our dream.
The dream is as difficult as Tang Sanzang to the West, but we are a group of ordinary people who are doing an extraordinary thing and believe in dreams like the Monkey King, learning and growing through mistakes. Customers are our "Tang Sanzang ", with your purchase and guidance, we will have the opportunity to move forward towards our goal, and we hope that more and more Sha Wujing and Zhu Bajie are on the way to join us.

✦About the Future
If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. With the joint development of our colleagues and customers, we have made the simple slotted angle into a variety of products. Also, we stepped into Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, even a whole container of goods to the United States, from Taiwan to the corner of the world.
In the future, CiaZhan will continue to create new products and service models. We sincerely look forward to your support.

flower trolley cart

flower trolley cart

About The Product

Specialized commercial trolley cart for florist customers, and a full-production line in Taiwan to provide the highest quality.
Assemble Easily: Without screw and tools to save the considerable time and labor cost, more flexibility to any situation.
Storage Space: Efficiently solve space problem while not in use.
Galvanized: Galvanized all surface with oil film protection, anti-corrosion and antirust, can respond to various environment.
Wheel Set: Use large impeller diameter, flat tread and elastic surface with high load and low resistance to respond any flat and platform.
Broad: Grid design to provide high efficiency drainability and also light-weight the noumenon to reduce burden.
Thickness: All in 2mm thick to keep stable and durable. Vibration proof: Professional snap-fit type design to stabilize the structure.

slotted angle

Otona-kei Adult Lego
The Universe of CiaZhan’s Slotted Angle

1. Few hundred times corrections to make one perfect button-type design?
There are still tolerances which are invisible to the eyes even with precision molds. It will greatly affect the whole level and cause the product to go astray into spiral shape if the holes of the slotted angle shelf had an undetectable deviation.
After hundreds of experiments and stringent voids test, the integrally formed button tenon was designed. It is the most profound knowledge to calibrate the tightness. If too tight, some strengthless customers might be difficult to assemble; a little loose, some consumers might worry about its durability.
In fact, different to the traditional slotted angle with screw, the snap-fit design slotted angle is flexible to assemble and extremely durable even if the button is undone. The tightness and stability of snap-in design are unrelated. However, we have made comprehensive considerations and compromise adjustments to make consumers feel more at ease. At least three times random dismantle tests before ex-factory to ensure the slotted angle is durable and undeformed with high quality.
Our slotted angle can be assembled with only a dead blow hammer. Adjustable shelf layers and specialized button-type tenon could help you assemble easily.

2. The insistence of that 0.2cm difference is the belief that it will not collapse even in an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.
We want to give you the best instead of being lazy to arrange the size. The only slotted angle brand in Taiwan whose gin pole, cross bars, and reinforcement bar are all 2mm thick. In addition to keeping close tabs on it to avoid artificial "mistakes" and consider the diversified needs of development, these little 2mm are the key of structural strength, and shockproof and durable.
In the early morning of 2016, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 took place in Kaohsiung Mino. The aftershock in Tainan, southern Taiwan had a great impact, some spare part of our slotted angle even smashed the wall but every slotted angle shelf stood still. To be more stable and burden, we exclusively researched and developed the 2mm thick slotted angle with high quality material that is not easily affected by external forces, providing a durable and long-term slotted angle furniture experience.

3. I will put six newborn baby elephants on each layer if I have a new slotted angle shelf.
Through the SGS burden test, the average weight is 600kg each layer and the average of baby elephants is about 100kg. On the load ability side, our angle steel shelf can install six baby elephants easily!
The 9mm-thick plywood is high density, stable structure with strong support and Vibration proof. Under the maximum tolerance, the buckle could buckle tightly and be more stable while the shelf bears more weight.



Kitchen Dedicated: 304 stainless steel frame with high antirust, thermotolerant and good anti-corrosion that own organic or inorganic acid to most alkali solution.
Food Safety: 20cm ground clearance design meets to food safety specification.
Detachable Layer: Each single layer of cooling rack is detachable and load 12kg, 200kg in total.
Removable Rod: To prevent kitchen utensils fall.
Two-sides applicate after remove the rod.
Top Design: Welding with cleat to prevent the junction spit. Reinforced Rod: Reinforced rod in base to stabilize the wheel and rack.
Fixed Wheel: With fixed wheel and welding screw, the install is directly, convenience and could prevent deformed.
Instrumental Wheel: Use wheel set with quiet, anti-abrasive and high load, step the pedal lightly to control.

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